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  • 01.24pm: Almera Hatchback (00 06) se CAMSHAFT SENSOR 1500. For year 2001 id=1382370 .
  • 10.42am: Almera Hatchback (95 00) sport CAMSHAFT SENSOR 1800. For year 2000 id=1375232 .
  • 05.31pm: Almera Hatchback (00 06) sport CAMSHAFT SENSOR 1800. For year 2000 id=1374945 .

  • What Vistors Requested

  • 12.53pm: Almera Tino (00 05) Camshaft 2000 id=1598440
  • 11.00pm: S Almera Saloon (01 06) Camshaft 1.5 2004 id=1598111
  • 05.45pm: activ Almera Saloon (96 00) Camshaft 1497 id=1597770
  • 07.03pm: S Almera Hatchback (00 06) Camshaft 1497 CC 2003 id=1597283
  • List Requested Years Derivatives Engine Size

    2000.S 1.5 2004.activ 1497 .S 1497 CC 2003.S 1497 CC 2003.S 1497 CC 1.8 2002.Sl 1.4 1997.Sl 1.4 1997.Sl 1.4 1997.

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