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You couls buy new at a cost or you could locate a recycled "Nissan Almera Exhausts" to purchase through BreakerWorld, who bring you the buyer closer to reputable used car part suppliers. Your vehicle doesn't need to be taken off the road, we can help you find a replacment Exhausts either a reconditioned or just good quality for the Nissan Almera sourced through our UK parts locator service.

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  • 03.02pm: se EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (MIDDLE) 160. For year 2002 .
  • 03.02pm: se EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (REAR) 160. For year 2002 .
  • 10.24am: EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (MIDDLE) 1800. For year 1988 .
  • 03.41pm: EXHAUST SYSTEM COMPLETE 1500. For year 2001 .
  • 02.59pm: s EXHAUST PIPE (FRONT) 1.5s. For year 2002 .
  • 02.59pm: s EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (MIDDLE) 1.5s. For year 2002 .
  • 09.14pm: se2 EXHAUST PIPE (FRONT) 1800. For year 2001 flexi pipe.

  • Catalytic Convertors, Oxygen Lambda Sensors and Heat Shield
    Almera Catalytic Convertor Almera Lambda Sensor Almera Oxygen Sensor Almera Heat Shield

    Typical Requests Placed By CarSpareFinder Visitors

  • 10.13pm: CATALYTIC CONVERTOR 1.5L. For year 2000 .
  • 09.49am: EXHAUST BOX (REAR) . For year 2005 .
  • 12.53pm: se EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (REAR) 1.8. For year 2004 .
  • 02.53pm: Si EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (MIDDLE) 1.6. For year 1999 .
  • 09.14pm: Se CATALYTIC CONVERTOR 1800. For year 2003 .
  • 12.27pm: slx 16v EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (REAR) 1.6. For year 1996 full rear .
  • 04.31pm: 1.6v EXHAUST BOX (REAR) 1600. For year 1997 .
  • 02.58pm: Sxi EXHAUST BOX (REAR) 1.6. For year 1998 .

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